Monday, March 28, 2016

An exceptional thinking can sometimes be a perfect work of art as in photography, unusual and creative thinking often end up with creative photo manipulation. By changing the colors and the sharp edges you can get a manipulated photo.

A collection of Stunning Creative Photo Manipulation examples is added to this post. Take a look and get inspiration if you are a designer.

 photo manipulation

2) love knowledge

 Love Knowledge

3) war game

 war game

4) Simple Suit

 Simple Suit

5) I'm Different

 I'm Different

6) LOL! Shih Tzu In Sunglasses

LOL! Shih Tzu In Sunglasses

7) butterfly


8) case


9) Duality


10) Fotolia Tutorial

 Fotolia Tutorial

11) Who do you think are

Who do you think you are

12) Think Free

 Think Free

13) Magic Light

 Magic Light

14) Flowered Bulb

 Flowered Bulb

15) Breakthrough


16) full of good fruits

 full of good fruits

17) Nouveller


18) WAR


19) Natural Refreshment

 natural refreshment

20) Happy mantises

 Happy mantises

21) We are a - Polar Bear

We Are One - Polar Bear

22) The taste of Angola

 The taste of Angola

23) Design for the Wild

 Design for the game



25) Now with Go Cart on the menu

Now with Go Cart in the menu

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