Friday, January 8, 2016

Prison Tattoos and its meaning.

Prison tattoos are used to bring different things to express. For example, tattoos are used to people who have died, to remember or a special anniversary. Tattoos that we're seeing in prison crime, and generally interpretations vary due to location of the prison. Some of the tattoos can be found in prison; -

Cross on his chest: - This type of tattoo is used primarily in Russian prisons. A cross on the chest convict symbolizes King of Thieves. It is the highest rank among the Russian convicts

MS 13: -. It stands for Mara Salva Truth. It is a brand that Latino gang that is ruthless and violent identified. The word comes from Los Angeles, but its dominance across America spread

3 points: -. This tattoo is very common in prisons. It can be either on the eye or can be worn on the hand. The tattoo is largely supported by Hispanic inmates, which means my crazy life '. The points form the concept Mi Vida Loca

Aryan Brotherhood: -. The Aryan Brotherhood using shamrock as their image in tattoos. It refers to the white prison gang of neo-Nazis. Other images that are used to Aryan Brotherhood can be identified, are; the letters AB, Number of the Beast 666 and the number 12.

Point crown: - The five-point crown symbolizes the Latin King gang, which is the largest Hispanic gang in USA. The band was created in the 1940s in Chicago

Clock without hands: -. It symbolizes a long prison sentence. The prisoners take this tattoo to mean that time is meaningless. Finally, they are under long sentences.

Teardrop: -The widely accepted meaning of the ointment is that the wearer has killed someone. It can also mean that the carrier is mourning.

If you need to find in prisons clearly understand the meaning of some tattoos, the above information will be of great help to you.

 Prison Tattoo Design 1 / p>

2 Spiderweb Prison) Tattoo

 Spiderweb Prison Tattoo 2

3) The Norteno Tattoos

 The Norteno Tattoos 3

4) Mexican Mafia Tattoos

Mexican Mafia Tattoos 4

 Playing cards Tattoos 5

 Prince of Thieves 6

7) Prison Designed Tattoo

 Prison Designed Tattoo 7

 Angel of Death 8

10) CRIP Prison Designed Tattoo

 CRIP Prison Tattoo Designed 10

 Birds on Horizon Tattoo 11

12) barbed wire tattoo on head

barbed wire tattoo on head 12

13) shoe sole Tattoo

Boot Sole Tattoo 13

14) Black Hand of Death

 Black Hand of Death 14

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