Monday, March 28, 2016

Old Photographs always looking for a special effect of all media use, whether it is. to an online photo-sharing website, albums, wedding photos, interior design or whatever it is always Vintage and retro effects are the specialized area of ​​giving the traditional outfit for any kind of design or photographs.

Going through some of the stunning Vintage and Retro to give a little more energy in the form of traditional values. Check out this awesome collection of these photographs.

1) The band

 The Band

2) The balloon dealer

The balloon-dealer

3) Snow on Fifth Avenue

 Snow on Fifth Avenue

4) A hell ride

A hell of a ride

5) Cross Nurse

 Cross Nurse

6) Fifth Avenue at East 56th Street

 Fifth Avenue at East 56th Street

7) James Dean

James Dean

8) Seven


9) On wheels

on wheels

10) Venetian Canal

Venetian Canal

11) Skateboard style

skateboard style

12) Vintage Costume Party

13) Paris


14) evening dress

Evening Gown

15) French girl

French girls

16) A market in Rome

A market in Rome

17) Voyage


18) Queenie Ignores the Huns

Queenie Ignoring the Hun

19) Vintage camera and suitcase

 Vintage camera and suitcase

20) girls and a cat

girls and a cat

21) Vintage photos

Vintage Photos

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