Friday, March 18, 2016

While designing an educational web site, there are many things to consider, such as the easy navigation, sidebars, and of course the content. Schools, universities and other educational institutions of course need a perfectly working website to serve the students to share the knowledge base.

Here sleep a mail from various educational website designs that give you a unique idea of ​​design of educational websites.

 Biola Undergrad

2) University of Texas

 University of Texas

3) University of Minnesota

 University of Minnesota

4) Indiana University

 Indiana University

5) of Brown University

 Brown University

6) University Tennessee

 University of Tennessee

7) University of Rochester

 University of Rochester

8) of Arizona State University

Arizona State University



10) University of Washington

University of Washington

11) Denver Seminary

 Denver Seminary

12) University of Virginia

 University of Virginia

13) University of Oxford

 University of Oxford

14) University of Chicago

 University of Chicago

15) of Stanford University

 Stanford University

16) University of Montana

 University of Montana

17) Drexel University

 Drexel University

18) Rhode Iceland School of Design

Rhode Iceland School of Design

19) Providence College

 Providence College

20) School of Visual Arts

 School of Visual Arts

21): Bob Jones University

 Bob Jones University

22) UCLA


23) Kenyon College

 Kenyon College

24) Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas Theological Seminary

25) SCAD


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