Friday, March 18, 2016

A logo is a trademark, brand and identity, be it for a business, an organization or even a training center. With the introduction of Windows operating systems and their mobile flat construction reaches new trends. Flat designs mainly focusing on typography and minimalist elements give simplicity and thus the avoidance of complex shadows and gradient to give the first impression. to reach

Flat design everywhere, the. is not in Web design, but in logos, brochures, catalogs and templates There are a huge number of designs in design sites from which we collected a few flat character interpretations here to inspire your logo design talent.


2) H & amp; D

 H & amp; D

3) Cloud Castle


4) Mama Mafia

 Mama Mafia

5) Aubut & amp; Fils

 Aubut & amp; Fils



7) GuttenBier


8) changing table


9) Purrfectly Good

 Purrfectly Good

10) Lion King

 The Lion King

11) CELL World

 CELL World

12) Iron Curtain

 Iron Curtain

13) Yoga


14) Smart Owl

 Smart Owl

15) Mr. Robot

 Mr Robot

16) live drawing session

 live drawing session

17) Ark Design Logo

 Ark Design Logo

18) Mark exploration

 Mark exploration

19) Review of the year

 Year in Review

20) Impala


21) Wrong Way Pogo Jacks

 Wrong Way Pogo Jacks

22) hands


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