Wednesday, February 17, 2016

to treat different religions, countries and cultures and see elephants as symbols with different meanings. In Asia, elephants are somehow treated as god of success, while in Africa, some treat them as a tourist attraction creatures. For these reasons, small elephant tattoos depending on the religion and culture different meanings. However, it remains a fact that such small tattoos are beautiful and attractive.

People have the opportunity to learn much of the character of an elephant. How you carry your weight no matter how hard acts as a sign of the hard work. With a well-designed, carefully planned and placed in the correct place on the body, affects a small elephant-tattoo as a universal symbol of luck, deity, loyalty and strength. Besides the beauty, elephants are also connected a sign of empathy, compassion, remembrance, and closely related to Buddhism, where a white elephant was used for purposes incarnation. A small white elephant tattoo can also be a wise choice, especially if a visible commitment is not your choice.

 Cute Elephant tattoo

 Elephant Heart Tattoo

Little Elephant tattoo

4) cute little elephant tattoo

6) Beautiful Elephant Tattoo

 Beautiful Elephant Tattoo

 Decorated Elephant Tattoo

8) Elephant Tattoo on chest

 Elephant Tattoo On Chest

9) Elephant Tattoo on finger

 Elephant tattoo on his fingers

10) Elephant Tattoo walking

 Elephant Tattoo On Foot

 Elephant tattoo on stomach

12) cute little Elephant Tattoo

 cute little Elephant Tattoo

 Elephant tattoo on the back

14) Elephant wrist tattoo

 Elephant tattoo on the wrist

15) Elephant Tattoo On Ear Back

 Elephant Ear Tattoo On Back

16) Elephant Tattoo Design

 Elephant Tattoo Design

 Elephant Tattoo on Arm

 Cute Elephant tattoo on hand

19) Baby Elephant Tattoo

 Baby Elephant Tattoo

20) Small And Beautiful Elephant tattoo

small and beautiful Elephant tattoo

21) Elephant Tattoo

 Elephant Tattoo

Cute Elephant Tattoo On Ear Back

23) Cute Elephant tattoo on hand

Cute Elephant tattoo on hand

24) Cute elephant wrist tattoo

 Cute Elephant tattoo on the wrist

25) Cute Elephant Tattoo walking

 Cute Elephant Tattoo On Foot

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