Thursday, February 18, 2016

There are a number of different meanings of Horseshoe Tattoo depending obviously on culture and region. Generally, there are two primary importance of the horseshoe tattoo.Firstly the horseshoe of people who have a love of horses adorned. In this same category, it is of people who have horses or by people who horseshoe pitchers are worn. It could also be useful if people who fit all three of these things.

The second meaning of a horseshoe tattoo is that some see it as a symbol of happiness. We all need luck in everything we do, so it makes sense to get a horseshoe tattoo.

There are other meanings of horseshoe tattoos, as mentioned above. A few of these include protection and fertility. These are not as common, but. The former (Protection) is because horseshoes to protect the feet of a horse; Therefore, the protection symbolism

 Swallow Horseshoe

2) Stylish ankled -

 Stylish ankled

3) Gotta love the palm tattoos-

4) Flying Horseshoe Tattoo

 Flying Horseshoe Tattoo

Lucky Horseshoe Tattoos Tattoodo

 Neck Pieces

7) Horseshoe Tattoo

 Horseshoe Tattoo

8) Vibrant and colorful horseshoe

 Vibrant and colorful horseshoe

 Magnetic Horseshoe

10) Magnetic Horseshoe

 Arm Tattoo

11) Magnetic Horseshoe

 Dazzling Horseshoe

12) Horseshoe with flame tulip

 Horseshoe with flames Tulip 12

 swallows with horseshoe

 St Patrick's Horseshoe


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