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Those who are 21 covered by the twins between 22 May and June birth sign, which is the third sign of the zodiac. The character is usually represented by a set of twins. Castor and Polllux: In Greek mythology, Gemini is connected to the twin sons of Zeus and Leda. It is usually represented by a simple design that looks like the Roman numeral II.

Gemini tattoos can be quite simple, and you can choose to make it thrive with other styles and how flower the zodiac is to multiply (Lavender -the Lily). You can also add to this basic structure, by coloring the signs lucky number-5.You can also Celtic Gemini to get tattoos. This is a much more elaborate tattoo with Celtic knots and patterns mixed with the simple design. For best results it is recommended that it be in black ink and can even occasionally get Fading around the lines. However, a touch of color is also a good idea.

You can also use the Chinese twins. In the Chinese horoscope, the equivalent of conventional twins is thought to be the horse that is quick-witted, and its lunar month of June 6th to July 6 A Gemini constellation tattoo is also a good idea to be. The design flows naturally vertically and is usually found on the arm or leg. A twin Cons Gemini sign is also a creative idea, if you both the good and bad side you are in contact.

Courtney Cox (Friends) has a white twin tattoo on his stomach.

It is important that before you shy ink tattoo on the body, the dyed check everything and get a unique tattoo on the body that fits your personality and not removed, stylish and adventurous.

 Gemini Flower Tattoo

2) Gemini tattoo design

Gemini Tattoo -Design

3) Gemini sign with Star

 sign with Gemini Star

 Gemini tattoo on the back

 Gemini Design Tattoo On Back

6) twins flower tattoo on the shoulder

Gemini flower tattoo on her shoulder

7) Twin Tattoo Design On Rib

 Gemini Tattoo Design On Rib

8) Gemini tattoo design on his shoulder

Gemini tattoo design on his shoulder

9) twin tattoo on the leg

 Gemini tattoo on his leg

Cute Twins Tattoo Design

 Gemini sign with Love

12) Gemini tattoo on hand

 Gemini tattoo on hand

13) Twins Tattoo

Gemini sign tattoo

14) Twins Tattoo Design On Finger

Gemini tattoo design on his fingers

15) Gemini tattoo ideas

 Gemini tattoo idea

16) Gemini Design Tattoo on Lower Back

Gemini Design Tattoo on Lower Back

17) Latest Gemini Tattoo Design

 Latest Gemini tattoo design

 Gemini tattoo design on the neck

19) Gemini tattoo design on leg

 Gemini Design Tattoo On Leg

20) Twins Tattoo Design

 Gemini tattoo design

21) Gemini tattoo design on leg

Gemini Design Tattoo On Leg

 Gemini Tattoo

23) Gemini tattoo mark

 Gemini tattoo mark

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