Sunday, February 21, 2016

For a long period of time, I've never understood the importance of ambigram tattoo until I decided and later its meaning in a chat room to explore more about it. This is carried out a body modification on the skin, so that an image or a symbol is drawn to represent something that you admire or like either, but it looks more clearly from other forms of modification. It is specifically designed to provide more professional and elegant, while he kept a cool edge to the skin. His writings are the best in the world, and they look very beautiful and admirable for people in different categories.

Creating a normal ambigram tattoo for arm, a chain for your biceps and a ring for your back makes you look from your peers. A range of activities takes place before it is done, you must first create a series of images, depending on the part of the body that you want to apply it to be shown, you can then decide what to take and his indelible form on the body part is applied.


2) Steampunk

3) One Blood One Love

 One Blood One Love

4) Azathoth


 Love Hate

6) Shark Attack

Shark Attack

7) Right Wrong

Right Wrong


9) Harry Potter

Harry Potter


 A love, love

12) Anchor Feather Tattoo

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