Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maori tattoos or moko is a type of body art that originate in New Zealand. This art form is considered to be very sacred and was brought from Polynesia to Maori. Today, you can can find a collection of Maori tribal tattoo designs on the internet. The most popular form of Maori tattoos on the head part of the body carried out. People have seen his head as the holiest part of the body. So shaped assembled and curved head tattoo spiral pattern are popular throughout the world. People look at the whole facial tattoo as a symbol of social status, prestige and power.

Tattooing is a revered art form for a Maori and tattooing would during adolescence period. One among the highlighting features of Maori tattoo is that no two are the same tattoos. Moko professional or the person who is experienced in creating Maori tattoos known as tohunga ta moko. These specialists are respected for their work and experience. Most of Moko specialists are men.

 chest and arm sleeve 1

 Leg piece 2

3) Modernized tribal design

Modernized Tribal Design 3

 Unfinished 4

5) Modern Tribal Tattoo

 Modern Tribal Tattoo 5

6) Back Design

Back Design 6

7) Turtle Design

 Turtle Design 7

Female back tattoo 8

 Shoulder Design 9

10) Rib Tattoo

 Rib Tattoo 10

11) Red and Black Design

Red and Black Design 11

 Close up view 12

13) Leg tribe

 Leg tribal 13

14) Shoulder cog piece

shoulder-cog piece 14

15) half-full

 half-full 15

16) Cool brisket

 Cool brisket 16

left chest piece 17

 sparse tribal tattoo 18

 Female Tribal Design 19

 full sleeve 20

21) Cool half sleeve

22) Back piece

Back piece 22

23) Epic tribal back

 Epic tribal back 23

 half sleeve 24

25) Bold leg Design

Bold leg Design 25

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