Sunday, January 10, 2016

E-mail marketing is not a new trend, but for years its there on the market. In early days before social media marketing in full bang, reached Email marketing was the trend, to win the customer offers and product updates. Thorugh email marketing you can reach your customers directly, but the open rate of emails are less these days.

If you are designing an email marketing template for your website, it is better to keep in mind is that it should be flexible. Today, people are not always in front of the desktop, they can work with your tablet, so that smart phones etc. with a Responsive Email marketing template is the best option to reach your customers through email. Take a look at this post.

Newsly Stamp Ready Builder 1

Kylie Modern Email Template Online Editor 2

Hogar Responsive Email Set 3

New York agent Stamp Ready Builder 4

RealTimeToe Responsive Email Template 5

Evolia email ecommerce newsletter 6

Photographer Responsive Email Builder Access 7

Dream Home Builder Responsive Email Access 8

 Halogen email Template 9

matah Responsive Email Set 10

bucketlist Stamp Ready Builder 11

Deco Responsive email and newsletter template 12

Starburst Responsive Email 13

 Mira Responsive E -mail Template 14

Seamice Responsive Email 15

Lito Responsive Email Template and 16

Legend video via e-mail (optional) ThemeBuilder 17

 Foyer Responsive E -mail Template 18

 Vane Responsive E -mail Template 19

Travel Hotel E Newsletter 20

 Mile Responsive E Mail Template 21

Phoenix Responsive Email Template 22

 Lich Responsive E -mail Template 23

Equinox Responsive Newsletter 24

Shoppy Responsive Email Template 25

Bink mail Responsive E-mail Template 26

Unity Responsive Email 27

Commerce Responsive Email Template 28

Nexa Marketing Letter 29

Bon Appetit Responsive Email Template 30

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