Sunday, January 10, 2016

We can not remember all the tags, attributes and values ​​every time we knew its use in the development. Cheat sheet you can absolutely help with this.

There are different types of crib available, such as HTML cheet sheet, CSS cheet sheet etc. In this paper, we have shared a collection of cheat sheets for front-end developers.

HTML 5 Tags 1

2) HTML5 Cheat Sheet

 HTML5 Cheat Sheet 2

3) CSS3 Cheat Sheets

 CSS3 Cheat Sheets 3

4) CSS3 on chart

 CSS3 Click Chart 4

5) CSS Cheat Sheet Short

 Shorthand CSS Cheat Sheet 5

6) CSS Font Property Shorthand Cheat Sheet

CSS font shorthand property Cheat Sheet 6

7) JavaScript Quick Reference Card

 JavaScript Quick Reference Card 7

8) JavaScript Language

 JavaScript Language 8

9) JavaScript and AJAX

 JavaScript and AJAX 9

10) angularjs cheat sheet

 angularjs Cheat Sheet 10

11) .htaccess cheat sheet

 htaccess Cheat Sheet 11

12) color card cheat sheet

 Color Card Cheat Sheet 12

13) Can I

 Can I 13

14) Social Meta tags

 Social Meta tags 14

15) Web Developer SEO cheat sheet

Web Developer SEO Cheat Sheet 15

16) Google Analytics Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

Google Analytics Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet 16

17) Frontend Cheat Sheets

 Frontend Cheat Sheets 17

18) CSS Cheat Sheet

 CSS Cheat Sheet 18

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