Sunday, January 10, 2016

For thousands of years henna has served as a symbol of good luck, health and sensuality. Create henna tattoos is one of the oldest forms of body art. Henna leaves are dried, pulverized and then into a paste by mixing it with water and other ingredients to create a spot on the skin. To increase the coloring properties and to improve the consistency, certain ingredients like strong tea, lemon juice, tamarind juice, clove, eucalyptus and lavender oils are added. Brown Henna tattoos are natural and safe to the skin. It is a temporary tattoo made with natural ingredients.

Black henna tattoos are dangerous because they can cause certain chemicals that cause allergic reactions on the skin.They even cause blisters and scars skin permanently.Brown henna tattoos, when included can be removed after drying easier and orange in color, the red color over a period darkened brownish. Henna is used by men and women over 60 different countries around the world. Most countries have developed their own unique style of henna tattoo designs. The practice of henna art brings people together to share and celebrate the heritage of each other's culture.

 Henna Tattoo Design 1

2) Sakina Bridal Henna Tattoo

Sakina Bridal Henna Tattoo 2

 McKenna Zumba Tattoo 3

5) Henna Hand Tattoo

 Henna Hand Tattoo 5

6) Sabrine Henna Palm

 Sabrine Henna Palm 6

7) Henna Design Tattoo

Henna Design Tattoo 7

 Henna Hand Tattoo Design 8

9) Henna Cute Hand Tattoo

 Cute Henna Tattoo Hand 9

10) Temporary Tattoos

 Temporary Tattoos 10

11) Henna on Foot

henna on Foot 11

12) Ambereen Bridal Henna Tattoo

Ambereen Bridal Henna Tattoo 12

 foot Henna Tattoo 13

14) Henna for a guest tattoo

 Henna for a guest tattoo 14

15) Henna tattoo on fullback Side

Henna Tattoo on Full Backside 15

16) Henna tattoo on the leg

 Henna tattoo on the leg 16

17) Tattoo Henna Design On Legs

 Henna Tattoo Design On Legs 17

 Aupoman HK Henna Tattoo Hand 18

19) Henna tattoo on fullback Side

Henna Tattoo on Full Backside 19

20) Henna Stegosaurus & amp; Flowers on Back

Henna Stegosaurus & amp; flowers on Back 20

21) Henna design on my hand

 Henna design on my hand 21

22) Hawaii Henna Tattoo

 Hawaii Henna Tattoo 22

 Hand Arabic Mehndi Designs 23

24) Henna Bride hands

Bride Henna hands 24

25) Floral and Butterfly Henna On Back

Flower and Butterfly Henna On Back 25

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