Saturday, January 9, 2016

We used to say, I could not even believe my eyes. Optical illusions are nothing but a confusion between your eyes and your brain. You might not be able to trust your eyes follow the instructions of your brain. The visually perceived images can differ from reality, that's what happens in optical illusions.

This is a wonderful post of optical illusions, which appears as something different in your eyes. Do not be mad while. Through these images Take your chance here.

Giant 3D globe 1

2) Rotating pink rings

 Rotating Pink Rings 2

3) Move your head

 Move your head 3

4) White or black

 white or black 4

5) two juxtaposed portrait

 portrait faced 5

6) Is it a face mask

 Is it a face mask 6

7) Slate Tower Pisa

 Leaning Tower of Pisa 7

8) Sloping horizontal line

 Stranger horizontal lines 8

9) overlapping circles

 overlapping circles 9

10) Mirror -Illusion

 Mirror Illusion 10

11) Mirror -Illusion

 Flathead Lake 11

12) 3D painted rooms

 3D room painted 12

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