Sunday, January 31, 2016

Asia had always appear an air of mystery and its people, to understand the deep mysteries of nature and so, when it comes to tattoos, which not only look good, but have a deep symbolic significance then Asian tattoos are what you need. Even celebrities are loving these tattoos as soccer star David Beckham, has a Chinese proverb to understand that "Death and life have given appointments, riches and honor are from heaven" translated.

The first and most popular of all Asian tattoos is that the dragon, the inspiration draws from Chinese legend of the winged fire-breathing creatures of great power and mystery. There are mainly to symbolize courage of men and women used to show strength and a feeling of being a protector. The second popular tattoo is that of Japanese Koi fish that are usually shown swimming upstream, to the ability to great difficulties and challenges in life, overcome the circumstances, no matter symbolized. The tattoo of a tiger is a wild, and not bound by societal expectations. Skull Tattoos in Japan represent the life cycle of rebirth, but now has a dangerous connection with the death. A flaming phoenix Unlike in the West represents grace, virtue and femininity in China.

 Japanese Tattoo

 Full Back Piece

4) Ganesha Tattoo

 Ganesha tattoo

5) Lotus flower tattoo

 Lotus Flower Tattoo

Crazy Asian Tattoo On Back One Body

7) Grey Ink Asian tattoo on back body

Grey Ink Asian tattoo on the back Body

8) Asian sleeve tattoos

 asian sleeve tattoos

9) Asian Tattoo

10) Asian Dragon Tattoo on the shoulder

Asian Dragon Tattoo on the shoulder

11) Great Asian style tiger tattoo

Great Asian style Tiger Tattoo

 Koi Tattoo

13) Ohm Lotus Tattoo

 Ohm Lotus Tattoo

 Asian tattoo on his chest

 Asian tattoo on the back

 tattoo art

17) Back Tattoo

18) tattoo design for Asian girls

tattoo design for Asian girls

19) Bamboo Tattoos Typical Asian Amazing Black Tattoo

Bamboo Tattoos Typical Asian Amazing Black Tattoo

20) Nice sleeve tattoo

Beautiful sleeve tattoo

 Back Tattoo

22) Elephant Hamsa

Elephant Hamsa

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