Saturday, April 2, 2016

The use of outdated traditional JPEG or PNG is these days for advertising campaigns. You can use a little more creative thinking to spread your intended message in a unique way. GIF images can have a lot to do in this.

This post shares a collection of GIF Examples of UI Mobile App animations. GIF animations you can reach your customers in a more efficient manner.

Speedcam app GIF is simply impressive 1

2) GIF picture is just awesome

 GIF image is just awesome 2

3) GIF App is another work by Sergey Valiukh

GIF app is another work by Sergey Valiukh 3

4) weather never be the same more with this app

The weather will never be the same, with this App 4

5) FaceSCAN App Concept

 Face Scan app concept 5

6) WIP Discover Music Apps

 WIP Discover Music App 6

7) Walkthrough Animation ,

 Walkthrough Animation, 7

8) interaction overview

 Interaction Overview 8

9) task and assign task

 task delete /2015/11/Delete-task-and-assign-task-9.jpg and organize task 9

10) Menu Interaction GIF

 Menu interaction GIF 10

11) Animated Gifs Abracadabra app

 Animated Gifs Abracadabra App 11

12) Showtime App

 Showtime app 12

13) iOS 7 Animation

 iOS 7 Animation 13

14) Life minimal app

 Life minimal App 14

15) Weather by Beard Chicken

 weather of Beard Chicken 15

16) GIF Account

 GIF account 16

17) Working side

 Work Page 17

18) Covert Inbox

 Covert inbox 18

19) Soccer analytics

 Football Analytics 19


 Tour 20

21) Loading Animation

 Loading animation, 21

22) Photo navigation Concept

 Photo Navigation Concept 22

23) fiche Workflow donation

 Fiche workflow payment 23

24) Card Pin Bubble

 Map Pin bubble 24

25) Menu Animation

 Menu Animation 25

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