Friday, April 1, 2016

In any graphic design, texture plays an important role, whether it is. a background or a banner or a new layout texture Texture can give a perfect look to your web design and other graphics like flyers, posters or a restaurant menu card.

varieties of texture patterns are like floral prints, natural patterns, etc. Today we will come up with a new contribution of free textures of fabric designs, the download and apply to your fabric designs like clothing sites, fashion Design etc.

red and white stripped fabric texture 1

2) Lime tulle fabric texture

 Lime tulle fabric texture 2

3) Pink Cheetah fabric texture

 Pink Cheetah fabric texture 3

4) couch cushion fabric

 couch cushion fabric 4

5) Blurred Stretch Poly

 Blurry Stretch Poly 5

6) Paul Hogan substance

 Paul Hogan Fabric 6

7) bed tissue

 Duvet fabric 7

8) Green Acres

 Green Acres 8

9) Bufanda fabric

 Bufanda substance 9

10) Fabric Texture Fabric Texture 10

11) Fabric texture

 Fabric texture 11

12) Purple fabric texture

 Purple Fabric Texture 12

13) Fabric texture

 Fabric texture 13

14) Free Texture

 Free-texture 14

15) Free high-res texture

 Free high res texture 15

16) Abstract Fabric Swirls Background

Abstract Fabric Swirls Background 16

17) ATexture

 Texture 17

18) Fabric texture

 Fabric texture 18

19) FaTexture seat fabric

 Texture seat fabric 19

20) Fabric Texture

 Fabric Texture 20

21) Alien Skin Disco Fabric Texture

 Alien Skin Disco tissue structure 21

22) Fabric Texture Line

 Fabric Texture Line 22

23) Easy Fabric Texture

 Simple Fabric Texture 23

24) Tejido de colores

 Tejido de colores 24

25) Tela a cuadros

 Tela a cuadros 25

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