Sunday, April 3, 2016

The packaging is always the most important thing with regard to the marketing of a product or brand.An eye catching design can help you to acquire a good market value to be considered. Packaging designs are a lot of questions these days, the market knows the value of a unique design.

When running through this issue, you can get an idea about unique food package designs that you get follow as an inspiring element. In particular, need food packaging to be unique and the ability to feel the taste of your customers can increase.

 Water in a Box

2) Helvetica beer


3) meat wrapping paper

 Meat Wrapping Paper

4) Sir Kensington Gourmet Scooping Ketchup

Sir Kensington Gourmet Scooping Ketchup

5) in January Robben

 January Robben

6) Yarmarka Platinum

 Yarmarka Platinum

7) Crispy Food

 Crispy Food

8) Lintar olive oil

 Lintar olive oil

9) Students working Andrew Matveev

 Student Work - Andrew Matveev

10) Knuthenlund


11) Grancharov honey

 Grancharov honey

12) urban fruit

 urban fruit

13) EAT


14) Azita almost - All-American Hot Sauce

Azita the fast All-American Hot Sauce

15) Blue Ribbon

 Blue Ribbon

16) Aunt Cookie

 Aunt Cookie

17) Connoisseur Ice Cream

 Connoisseur Ice Cream

18) Waitrose Soup

 Waitrose Soup

19) Wanted Snacks

 Wanted snacks

20) Doritos concept

 Doritos concept

21) Yorkshire Dales Meat

 Yorkshire Dales Meat

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