Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Spiritual Jesus Christ Tattoo is one of the most powerful and beautiful tattoo. It shows carried on them and is for men and women especially those who hold the power of hope, faith and trust in it.The tattoo design Lord Jesus a significant learning Christianity.People direction that this tattoo claim have deep rooted to be in spirituality and swear by their love for Christ.

The design of this tattoo portrays the element of pain Jesus was on the cross, as well as the compassionate and love that are Jesus Christ shown.Some Jesus tattoo designs Jesus flowing from his wounds on the cross with blood, with Jesus the crown of thorns on his head, Jesus with his hands as a sign of humility, folded a picture of Jesus with the words "Jesus Christ" on him and his image with biblical figures and symbols.Most these designs are spoiled, beauty, forgiveness, humility captured and mercy Jesus.

20 Spiritual Jesus Christ tattoo designs

2) Jesus Christ tattoo

Jesus Christ tattoo

3) Spiritual Jesus Christ tattoo

 Spiritual Jesus Christ tattoo

 Lord Jesus

5) Crucifixion Tattoo


 significance of Jesus Tattoos -6

 Love jeasus tatoose

8) Faith tatoose

 Faith tatoose

Truth tatoose-

 Hope tatoose

11) Truth tatoose -

God tatoos

 Variations of Jesus Tattoo

 Special Forces Jeasus

 Jesus inspired

15) Design Jesus

Design jeasus

16) crown of thorns on his head

 crown of thorns on his head

17) looking at the sky

 in the sky looking

 a portrait on your body

 Various Biblical characters

 Eternal Flame

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