Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In the past we have written so many good reviews on different logos. Today we have something special in the animal-Logo Category, nothing but Elephant logos. As we know, any like elephants also cartoon characters as well. If you have an idea of ​​the creation of animal logos, consider an elephant logo, which will be very unique.

Sharing a collection of amazing elephant logo for your inspiration, you can consider for your design requirements.

Big Ass Direct Mail

2) Tusk Elephant-Head Logo

 Tusk Elephant Head Logo

3) lightweight solutions

 lightweight solutions

4) Mammo


5) Elephant brand

 elephant brand

6) Pink Elephant Weddings

 Pink Elephant Weddings

7) Gufi

8) Elephant


9) Elephant logo


10) Elephant by quattro Creative

 Elephant of quattro creative

11) constellatio


12) constellatio

13) constellatio

 Elephant protection

14) Elephant Mark

 Elephant Mark

15) Elefilm


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