Wednesday, March 2, 2016

superheroes are our alter egos, the hidden personas in each that we would like to believe exist. Superheroes are not only possess exceptional talents and superpowers, but is also dedicated to protecting humanity from evil forces. Originating at a time sometime around 1917 the term superhero not only symbolizes hope, but also restores our faith in humanity.

The first idea Superhersuperheroes was popularized by one game in 1903 with the name 'The Scarlet Pimpernel', who had a masked avenger with a secret identity. We had our first folkloric superhero in Robin Hood, and then our Life full of superheroes like Zorro, Phantom, Popeye, Superman, Batman, Spiderman and many more, each of them unique in their own way, with their own special abilities and powers. These superheroes are not only popular and fun, but also inspire. A superhero tattoo on your body is not just an art, but an extension of your faith. Who knows if there's a superhero in you?

 Amazing Spiderman Tattoo

3) Incredible Hulk Tattoo

 Incredible Hulk Tattoo

Iron Man Tattoo

5) Super Hero Tattoo Design walking

Superhero Tattoo Design On Foot

6) Apple Tattoo design idea

 Superman tattoo

7) Green Lantern tattoo

8) Superhero tattoo design idea

9) Wolverine Tattoo Design

 Wolverine Tattoo Design

10) Superman Tattoo Design

 Superman tattoo design

 Batman Tattoo

12 ), Viking Tattoo

 Viking Tattoo

 Batman tattoo

14) Marvel sleeve tattoo

 Marvel sleeve tattoo

 Captain America

16) Wolverine Tattoo

 Wolverine tattoo

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