Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WordPress CMS is updated with new features all the time, also its plugins. You can use to give monthly summaries of the new products and updates.

Here in this post you will see the latest WordPress month Roundup: August and September. See the new plug-ins and updated versions. This will be a contribution for your WordPress blogging.

CMS Commander Client

2) Cookies Privacy: WordPress month Roundup

 Cookie Notice

3) OnePress image Lift

 image OnePress Elevator

4) Simply Facebook As Box

 Easy Facebook Like Box

5) Master Slider

 Master Slider

6) Sidekick


7) favicon


8) Generate Press

 Generate Press

9) Ample <: WordPress month Roundup / b>


10) Spacious


11) Wall Street <: WordPress month Roundup / b>

 Wall Street

12) Long Form

 Long Form

13) Woodley WordPress Theme

 Woodley WordPress Theme

14) Corpobox Lite: WordPress month Roundup

 Corpobox Lite

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