Monday, March 21, 2016

Optimization of the images are one of the most search engine friendly tip to get more visitors to get to your site, as you know. The use of certain plugins, it is easy to optimize images as search engine friendly image in WordPress platform. It is already the fact that WordPress CMS have a very SEO friendly platform that more potential customers throgh organic search known deserve.

Common the best WordPress plugins to images in this post, download Optimize and install the appropriate in your
WordPress dashboard. It is possible to optimize images with these plugins while uploading individual files themselves.

WP Smush .it 1

2) EWWW Image Optimizer

 Image Optimizer EWWW 2

3) CW Image Optimizer

 CW Image Optimizer 3

4) Imsanity

 Imsanity 4

5) Hammy

 Hammy 5

6) PB Responsive Images

 PB Responsive Images 6

7) SEO Friendly Images

 SEO Friendly Images 7

8) Media File Renamer

 Media File Renamer 8

9) Lazy Load

 Lazy Load 9

10) BJ Lazy Load

 BJ Lazy Load 10

11) Prizm image

 Prizm image 11

12) Changing the Image Size and Media Management

image resizing and Media Management 12

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