Monday, February 22, 2016

The world today has embraced the art of tattoos. Although tattoos are very modern, most people do not know that they are also a symbol. Phoenix tattoos are therefore a legendary mortals who mythological and contains a great symbolic significance. The ancient tradition of the Phoenix comes from the Greek and is a bird that can not die. Whenever the Phoenix destroyed by the fires, from the ashes, faster, it seems more and more powerful than ever.

Most cultures refer to a creature similar to the phoenix whose image representation may vary from one culture to another. Moreover, the symbolic meaning is the same in all cultures. During the early Christian period were Christians persecuted for preaching their faith and thus tries to seek comfort in the legend of the Phoenix. This explains why Christians have adopted the bird as a symbolic icon for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

 Back Phoenix Tattoo 1

2) See Tribal Phoenix

See Tribal Phoenix 2

3) Big Tribal Phoenix Tattoo

 Big Tribal Phoenix Tattoo 3

4) My Strong Phoenix

My Strong Phoenix 4

5) Upper Back Phoenix

Upper Back Phoenix 5

6) Between My Blades Phoenix

 Between My Blades Phoenix 6

7) Finished Phoenix Bird Tattoo

 complete Phoenix Bird Tattoo 7

 My bird Phoenix 8

9) Rib Phoenix Tattoo

 Phoenix Tattoo Rib 9

10) Trendy Phoenix Tattoo

 Trendy Phoenix Tattoo 10

 Phoenix On My Ribs 11

12) Phoenix tattoo on the upper arm

 Phoenix Tattoo on upper arm 12

13 ) My Colorful Phoenix

 My Colorful Phoenix 13

14) Dragon Phoenix back piece tattoo

Dragon Phoenix back tattoo 14

15) Phoenix tattoo on rib

 Phoenix Tattoo on rib 15

16) Back Phoenix Tattoo

Back Phoenix Tattoo 16

17) Phoenix Tribal Tattoo

 Phoenix Tribal Tattoo 17

 Simple Phoenix Tattoo 19

21) Cloured Phoneix Tattoo Design

Cloured Phoneix Tattoo Design 22

 Black Coloured Phoenix Tattoo 22

Finished Phoenix Bird Tattoo Design 23

24) Cute Phonenix Tattoo

 Cute Phonenix Tattoo 24

26) Phoenix Tattoo On Arm

Phoenix Tattoo On Arm 26

27) Phoenix bird tattoo

Bird Phoenix Tattoo 27

28) Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Design

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