Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gemini tattoo art can be seen through the illustration of the astrological sign Gemini. The picture shows two people or two twin beds. There are so many variants of the concept in art and when brought expressed mainly in the form of a tattoo.

One of the variants consists of a detailed presentation of the twins. The twins are shown connected by means of two parallel lines of two other thinner lines on the lower end and the main. The display appears as the Roman representation of the number two. Some artists are the design with stars to make her look more beautiful. Other variations include other letter as Gothic lettering or flowers, names, images to make the tattoo unique.

Another variation requires the use of real appearance, to represent the tattoo. The two lines that represent the twins are pimped with real human qualities like hands, head, feet and even expressions. This is due to the creativity of the artist. Other artists use cartoons to represent the cartoons. The cartoons are in a way that they bring the idea of ​​Gemini tattoo placed.

People who want the twins tattoo on them mostly Gemini which to communicate this fact or someone who is a twin or to honor just as the idea of ​​the pattern on them without other than the for special reasons, the fact that she likes the pattern. An artist should therefore carefully and creative enough to ensure that the pattern is used as intended.

 Gemini Wrist Tattoo

 Gemini tattoo on his leg

 Gemini tattoo on hand

 Gemini tattoo design for women

6) Small Gemini tattoo for women on Back

Little Gemini tattoo for women on Back

 Little Gemini tattoo design

simple Gemini tattoo design on his fingers

9) Queen subtle tattoo

Queen subtle tattoo

10) Twins wrist tattoo

 Gemini tattoo on the wrist

11) Neck Gemini tattoo

 Gemini Neck Tattoo

12) Nautical Star and Blue Twins Tattoo on page

Nautical star and blue Gemini tattoo on page

13) Gemini Tattoos designs and ideas

Gemini Tattoos Designs and Ideas

14) GeminiTatto design on back

 GeminiTatto Design On Back

 Gemini Tattoo Designs For Men

16) Twins Tattoo On Foot

 Gemini Tattoo On Foot

little twins tattoo ideas on the wrist

18) Twins leg tattoo

 Gemini leg tattoo

19) Twins large tattoo

 Gemini big tattoo

20) Gemini tattoo on the side

 Gemini Tattoo On Side

21) Twins Tattoo Design

 Gemini tattoo design

 Gemini tattoo design idea

 Gemini tattoo idea

24) Gemini flower tattoo

 Gemini Blossom Tattoo

 Gemini Tattoo

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