Friday, February 12, 2016

Christina Milian, the singing sensation, in love with Lil Wayne, and they can not stop showing her tattoo. In fact, to show their love for the world, Christina Milian Lil Wayne tattoo is that is not afraid to flaunt. The tattoo clearly states the message Love Hart TNT. To add more, the popular singing star also said that people can imagine what it formally or informally about what this tattoo means want. The tattoo looks simple but stylish designed in black ink.

Interestingly, Milian off this tattoo on her first snapchat. Although most people assume it to be dedicated to Lil Wayne, the rumor has it that TnT could represent Tunechi and Tina, who are both Milian nickname. In fact, Lil Wayne gave her the nickname of Tina Turn Up. With the two lovebirds repeatedly sighted, there is no doubt the new tattoo on hand Milian is for Lil Wayne and their new relationship is dedicated.

Christina Milian Gets Lil Wayne Tattoo 1

2) Twitter mocked Rapper Lil Wayne

Twitter mocked Rapper Lil Wayne 2

3) Lil Wayne gets Skateboarding

 Lil Wayne gets Skateboarding 3

 August Alsina feat Lil Wayne 4

5) LilWayne Rachel Murray

 LilWayne Rachel Murray 5

Christina Milian Lil Wayne Tattoo 6

7) Conan loses bet gets tattoo

 Conan loses bet gets Tattoo 7

8) Lil Wayne Tattoo Design

 Lil Wayne Tattoo Design 8

 Face Tattoos Lil Wayne 9

 Lil Wayne's New Face Tattoo 10

11) Photos Tattooed Celebrities

Photos Tattooed Celebrities 11

 Lil Wayne Tattoos 12

13) Lil Wayne Unveils New Face Tattoo

Lil Wayne Unveils New Face Tattoo 13

14) Dumbest Celebrity Tattoo

 Dumbest Celebrity Tattoo 14

 lil wayne URBAN INK 15

16) Lil Wayne Launches Two New face

Lil Wayne Launches Two New Face 16

17) Lil Wayne Got two more face tattoos

Lil Wayne received two additional facial tattoos 17

18) Pictures of Lil 'Wayne Tattoos

Pictures of Lil 'Wayne Tattoos 18

19) Birdman Supports Lil Wayne

 Birdman Lil Wayne Supports 19

 Lil Wayne Tattoos 20

21) Lil Wayne Pays Tribute ultimate

Lil Wayne Pays Tribute ultimate 21

22) Lil Wayne New Tattoo

 Lil Wayne New Tattoo 22

 Birdman Gets New Face Tattoo 23

24) Lil Wayne Gets New" baked "Tattoo


25) Lil Wayne Inks New Design Tattoo

Lil Wayne Inks New Design Tattoo 25

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