Friday, February 5, 2016

We have shared various posts of business cards with different designs and structures. This time it's letterpress cards, one of the oldest ways of designing the perfect business card. As we know, is a visiting card for the springboard to reduce the gap between you and your customers.

Select this Brilliant list letterpress business cards that you can relate and design something fresh and new to your customers.

 Matching paper To Sand

2) Dot Shape Business Cards

 dot shape business cards

3) Reb Peters Press

 Reb Peters Press

4) Villainy and Associates

 Villainy and Associates

5) space150 V26 Business Cards

 space150 V26 Business

6) Beautiful Blind Impression Business Card

Beautiful Blind Impression Business

7) Letterpres detail in macro

 Letterpres detail in macro

8) Photographer Business Card

 Photographer Business Card

9) Ink Pixel paper book

 Ink Pixel paper book

10), letterpress by LetterArt

 letterpress by LetterArt

11) Sexy Cards

 Sexy Business

12) Dingbat letterpress card

 Dingbat letterpress card

13) Double-sided letterpress

 Double-sided printing

14) Greek Business

 Greek Business

15) White Paper

 White Paper Print

16) Cards for Ellen

 Business Cards For Ellen

17) Amamda Lucier Cards

 Amamda Lucier Business

18) TouchPoint - foil, and letterpress Laser Cut

touchpoint - foil printing and laser cut

19) Square Letterpress Card

 Place letterpress card

20) pure white letterpress

 Clean White Paper Print

21) iphone app developer letterpress cards

iphone app developer letterpress cards

22) Inspiration Home, Edge Painting

 Inspiration Home, edge painting

23) New Business

 New Business

24) Aphro Chic Blotter Business Cards

Aphro Chic Blotter Business

25) Garibaldi Photography Business Cards

Garibaldi Photograph Business Cards

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