Wednesday, February 24, 2016

armor and sword symbolizes courage together and incomparable heroism. It is said that a martyr who is said to have had a respectful death in a battle always his armor and sword above his grave. There are no further limitations in its material form, but in the form of tattoos are very popular.

The adaptation of the armor and sword in tattoo form: - This type of symbol is always very famous in the tattoo world. The armor and sword tattoo is the best after those sought by tattoo lovers. The sword is the weapon of the Samurai as a fearless warrior, his shield or armor speak his glory.

The reasons for the popularity: - How these tattoos symbolize bravery they are strong, loved by men and women who believe in mental and physical powers. There are various patterns and designs for both men and women, from which you choose according to preference. These are perfect for the fashion-conscious people who want to make their internal security showcased. As such, these tattoos are symbolized those real life.

The armor and sword tattoos have created a stir in the tattoo arena since the day of its formation. They are a fairly strong demand and have from day to day her more and more popularity in the fashion world.

 Life Sword 1

2) The 1969 sword

 The 1969 Sword 2

Life Warrior Light Curse 3

 Love Symbol Sword 4

5) Bon Jovi Fan Sword

 Bon Jovi Fan Sword 5

6) Sword climb

 sword climb 6

7) lunar cycle Loved Ones

Lunar Cycle Loved Ones 7

 Female warrior with sword 8

 Power Of Love Sword 9

 meanigful living sword 10

 Dreamcatcher sword 11

12) Sword Wings Art

13) sword symmetry

Sword Symmetry 13

14) Geometric Tri symmetry

 Geometric Tri Symmetry 14

 Leg Sword Tattoo 15

16) Sword Fly

 Sword Fly 16

Archaic Sword 17

 Swordsman 18

19) Sword Coils

Sword coil 19

 Shield and Sword 20

21) Rip sword

 Rip sword 21

22) romance and friendship sword

romance and friendship sword 22

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