Monday, February 1, 2016

There are various types of interface techniques above the bars of the same category. Estimates bar shows a procedure that should be convincing to the client or you can place an order to lose a lawsuit. It is a must that the loading bar should not be boring, and it should be interesting to watch and the process continues without a break.

Amazing Photoshop PSD templates can achieve the same. Here in this post, you can find the best free premium progress bar interface PSDs, which can use in your web projects. Some of them are free and the premium packages you can give the best connectivity PSDs.

Pretty Little Progress Bar (PSD )

2) Multi- colored progress bar (PSD)

 Multi-colored progress bar (PSD)

3) Round progress Bars (PSD)

 Circular progress bar (PSD)

4) Ease of progress Bar

 Simple Progress Bar

5) Shiny Gloss

 Shiny Gloss

6) gradients


7) Green Glossy Bar

 Green Glossy Bar

8) blue stripes

 Blue stripes

9) Slider


10) Blue Circle

 Blue Circle

11) Loading Circle

 Loading Circle

12) percent Bars

 Percentage Bars

13) Progress bar

 progress bar

14) Orange Loader

 Orange Loader

15) Circular percent

 Circular percentage

16) Glowing Sparkles

 Glowing Sparkles

17) Woga

 Thin Blue Stripes

18) Status Loader

 Status Loader

19) Apartment percent Bars

 flat percentage bars

20) Progress Slider

 Progress Slider

21) Grey Loading Bar

 Grey Loading Bar

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