Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The most common area of ​​the body that will be tattooed, the clavicle. It is the painful area to get a tattoo, but that does not have a deterrent effect on those who want to have there. They are determined that very stylish for men and women, and this could be the reason why almost everyone wants to be one. There are several types of tattoos, like delicate fonts, single words, small icons, banners, sacred heart, and many more.

There are different sizes of the collarbone tattoos, from small delicate wording to a full chest piece tattoo. Most people prefer the formulation to express their feelings as well as quotations from very famous people expressed. You can also type a word or very long sentences, depending on one's preference. Others draw their inspiration to a collarbone tattoo of artworks. These tattoos can also be used to accentuate a collarbone.

Birds and Feather Tattoo collarbone in 1

2) 3 Little Birds

3 Little Birds 2

3) Bird Cage Tattoo collarbone

Birdcage tattoo on collarbone 3

4) with the right collarbone Bird Tattoo for girls

right clavicle Bird Tattoo for girls 4

5) Fantasies Unwind

Fantasies Unwind 5

6) 3D Nails Tattoo

 3D Nails Tattoo 6

7) 3D collarbone tattoo

 3D collarbone Tattoo 7

8) cursive lettering collarbone

cursive lettering collarbone 8

9) dragonfly on the left collarbone

 Dragonfly on the left collarbone 9

10 ) clock on the right clavicle

 clock on the right clavicle 10

11) numbers on Left clavicle

Roman numerals on Left clavicle 11

12) Swallow Bird on Left clavicle

Swallow Bird on Left clavicle 12

13) Tiny Anchor Tattoo

 Tiny Anchor Tattoo 13

14) cursive letters and birds

 italic letters and Birds 14

15) Elk collarbone tattoo for men

Elk collarbone tattoo for men 15

16) chemical symbols

 chemical symbols 16

Flowers and letters with Heart Shape 17

18) Small Bike Tattoo

Small Bike Tattoo 18

19) Small Boat

Little Boat 19

20) Heartbeat

 Heartbeat 20

21) Music Notes collarbone tattoo

 Music Notes Tattoo clavicle 21

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