Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aztec tattoos with meaning.

Aztec tattoos comes from Mexico. This Aztec civilization was so dominant in the center of Mexico right from the 15th to 17th centuries. The Spanish colonizers always compliant that Aztecs were creators of this kind of civilization. , Aztecs, however, have amazing mythology that are the inspiration from various aspects of the Aztec culture.

What does it mean for Aztec tattoos are with meaning?

First, the tattoos are often done in the honor of the Aztec culture and the Aztec gods. Those people who do tattoos often believe that they protected the honor of Almighty God, and they are opposed to any kind of spiritual beings. This means that the people who they often feel more secure and protected by God.


Aztec tattoos symbolizes rank of a warrior as well as his achievements. Those who have tattoos often believe in higher levels of performance they need, when they live their lives. It is also a sign, strength and to show the victory.

Aztec tattoo design for girls 1

2) Aztec Tattoos code

Aztec Tattoos 02

3) Aztec Tattoos Chef

Aztec Tattoos Chef 03

 phoenix rump in labor 04

5) warrior maiden eagle tattoo

 warrior girl eagle tattoo 05

6) Aztec Tattoos code

 Aztec Tattoos 06

7) Warrior of zhellyzee

 Warrior of zhellyzee 07

8) Armor tear Sleeve by Jackie Rabbit

Armor tear Sleeve by Jackie Rabbit 08

Aztec Tattoos Picture

 samurai warrior tattoo 010

11) Aztectattoos Tattoo shapes

Aztectattoos Tattoo forms 011

Aztec Tattoos 012

13 tattooed) warrior comb back

warrior comb back tattoo 013

14) Aztec mask by piotrszot

Aztec mask by piotrszot on deviantART 014

Aztec god by piotrszot on deviantART 015

warrior tattoo SARS SARS tattoo 016

Aztec Tattoos Picture 018

19) medieval warrior tattoo by gilrizzo

medieval warrior tattoo of gilrizzo 019

 Aztec Tattoos amp designs 020

21) Aztec Tattoo Design

Aztec Tattoo Design 021

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