Monday, February 1, 2016

If you're a graphic designer, you could know the difficulty of obtaining new patterns for your design backgrounds, as there are many. in online By reading and understanding online tutorials, it is not so difficult to create your pattern designs by improving your knowledge with the help of Photoshop and Illustrator tools.

In this article we have 20 Fantastic Pattern Design Tutorials for designers together, go through this article can help you quickly create new patterns, such as circular, seamless, geometric, etc. Enter to create a try.

2) Abstract geometric background

 Abstract geometric background 2

 Blended Hexagonal Print Design 3

4) Geometric patterns in Illustrator

Geometric patterns in Illustrator 4

5) Seamless Topographic Map Pattern

 Seamless Topographic Map Pattern 5

6) Dimensional Raindrop Pattern

 Dimensional Raindrop Pattern 6

7) Seamless Pixel Art Pattern

 pixel art Seamless pattern 7

8) Quirky repeating patterns

 Quirky repetitive pattern 8

9) colorful geometric pattern

 colorful geometric pattern 9

10) Seamless circular geometric background pattern

Seamless circular geometric background pattern 10

11) Geometric Shapes blur in Illustrator

Geometric Shapes blur in Illustrator 11

12) Geometric pattern for a poster

 Geometric pattern for a poster 12

13) Handcrafted repeat Samples

 Handmade Repeat Pattern 13

14) interweaving Trellis Pattern

 interdependence Trellis Pattern 14

15) Seamless repeating pattern

 Seamless repeating pattern 15

16) Creative geometric pattern

 Creative Geometric Pattern 16

17) Sweet Bienenwaben- Pattern

 Sweet Honeycomb Pattern 17

18) Mexican inspired pattern

 Mexican-inspired pattern 18

19) Seamless geometric 3D - Pattern

 Seamless 3D Geometric Pattern 19

20) Diagonal seamless pattern

 Diagonal seamless pattern 20

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