Monday, February 22, 2016

moon tattoos are all the rage today; a lot of people are considering moon tattoo designs due to the depth and meaning of the symbol. Moon tattoo designs should include special forces, this is due to the belief in Celtic movements, but also connects with the universe

The moon has deep meaning. many pairs of the moon with other symbols to make the impact of the tattoo deeper. Tattoo designs, combining the moon essence can Feminine Mystique mean, it could also mean fertility, creativity and magic. Other symbolic meaning would the idea of ​​growth, Wiccan beliefs, Mischief, and a rotation of the darkness, and memories of loved ones are.

The designs can also come in different variations, when you consider a tattoo design, the waxes and the Wanes and the lunar cycle. The choice of which phase the moon is in its is important, as the moon displayed must be carefully selected before the tattoo are created.

2) Beautiful Moon Tattoo

 Beautiful Moon Tattoo 2

 Moon Tattoo Design on hand 3

4) moon and star tattoo

 Moon and Stars Tattoo 4

 Moon and Sun Tattoo Design 5

6) Moon and Star

 Moon and Star 6

7) Moon and Music Notes

 Moon and Music Notes 7

8) Real Moondance

 Real Moondance 8

9) Simple Moon Tattoo Design

Simple Moon Tattoo Design 9

 Wolf and Moon Tattoo 10

 Crescent Moon foot tattoo 11

Melted Clock Hung on the crescent 12

13) Star and Moon Tattoo

Star and Moon Tattoo 13

 Colored Moon Tattoo Design 14

Cute Blacked Moon Tattoo Design 15

16) Crow in Moon Tattoo

 Crow Moon Tattoo in 16

17) flower with Moon Design Tattoo

flower with Moon Design Tattoo 17

18) flower with Moon Design Tattoo

 Sun and Moon Tattoo Design 18

19) moon Developed tattoo on hand

 Moon Designed tattoo on hand 19

20) moon phases Tattoo

 Moon Phases Tattoo 20

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