Sunday, February 28, 2016

Since the ancient times, anchor tattoos have become quite synonymous with pirates and sailors. They are some of the most popular maritime tattoos, which symbolizes for many years a great love for the sea. Not only are these small anchor tattoos for the sailors and the people of the sea means you can even go further and be adapted to you, to signify another thing. For example, you can use it entangled with beautiful roses mean love protected.

In other cases, these small anchor tattoos were also used to symbolize the strength ad stability. You can actually have performed on the arm, no matter how thick and gross mean things, you will hold. It does not even stop there; unlike their aesthetics, for many people, this small anchor tattoos with some emotional and spiritual meanings. You can actually have it on any part of the body to show the faith and would not give up, even when persecuted. Bottom line; the kind of meanings you are limitless can from this kind of tattoos network.

 Clear Right Arm Anchor Tattoo 1

2) 3D small anchor tattoo

 3D small anchor tattoo 2

3) Small Anchor Tattoo with tape

Small Anchor Tattoo with Band 3

4) Anchor with Rose Tattoo Design

 Anchor With Rose Tattoo Design 4

5) Colored Anchor Tattoo

Colored Anchor Tattoo 5

Colored Anchor with Star Tattoo 6

7) Small Anchor Tattoo on foot

 Small Anchor Tattoo on foot 7

Grouped Anchor Tattoo Design 8

9) Bold Small Tattoo Design

fat Small Tattoo Design 9

10) Blacked small anchor tattoo

blackened small anchor tattoo 10

 Cute Anchor Tattoo Designed 11

12) Couple Anchor Tattoo

Couple Anchor Tattoo 12

Small anchor with Heart Tattoo 13

14) birds with nice tattoo

 Birds With Cute Tatoo 14

 Amazing Anchor Tattoo 15

16) Bold Small Anchor Tattoo on foot

Bold Small Anchor Tattoo on foot 16

17) Musical Small Anchor Tattoo

 Musical Small Anchor Tattoo 17

Colorful Anchor Tattoo Design on Chest 18

19) Anchor Tattoo As Infinity

Anchor Tattoo As Infinity 19

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