Friday, February 19, 2016

If you are a woman who loves innocent and cute style, you might consider small tattoos. They tend to be prettier than large aggressive. Here are small tattoo ideas for women. Butterfly tattoos: They are popular because of their delicate look. Flower Tattoos: they have this natural feminine look. You can have a rose, cherry or a hibiscus flower. Each flower has a symbolic meaning. Star tattoos: They can combine with other stars Blending designs or have them on their own. They are just cute. Heart tattoos: they symbolize love. They have been there since the early days. A word text tattoos: in a beautiful font they come beautifully written. They can be combined with other elements, such as flowers.

You should keep in mind the location of the tattoo especially if you have a white collar job. You should also remember that there are areas of the body, which to stretch a lot, as you grow old from your tattoo less appealing. Breasts, belly and bum area tend to be much to stretch. You may look different and more creative small tattoo to avoid ideas that have the same design as all.

 Little bird tattoo 1

2) Small ribbon tattoo

 Small band tattoo 2

3) Ray Ban Sunglasses Tattoo

 Ray Ban Sunglasses Tattoo 3

 Small star tattoo on the neck 4

5) Small Feather Tattoo

 Small Heart Tattoo 6

7) Small cat tattoo

 Little Cat Tattoo 7

8) Mercury ankle wing tattoo

 Mercury ankle Wing Tattoo 8

 Little Black Rose Tattoo 9

10) Small butterfly tattoo

 Small butterfly tattoo 10

11) Seahorse Tattoo small

 Seahorse Tattoo small 11

12) Small skull Finger Tattoo

 Little Finger Skull Tattoo 12

13) Small Moon Tattoo

 Little Moon Tattoo 13

14) Small Imperial Crown Tattoo

Small Imperial Crown Tattoo 14

 Small Anchor Tattoo 15

16) small arrow tattoo

Little Arrow Tattoo 16

17) Small Infinity Tattoo

Small Infinity Tattoo 17

 Little Equal Tattoo 18

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