Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bamboo tattoos originated from Thailand. This art was made by a Thai master of Bamboo Tattoo, Mr. Keng to Britain. In coming up with this tattoo, fine needles are arranged careful with cotton. The number of needles is used varies with tattoo size and type.

The needles are carefully rounded instead of the normal and enumerated ones in order to achieve the desired fine line that are aligned then administered evenly on the skin , Made in this type of tattoo, punctureis in the skin and not as torn in the case of the machine tattoo. This leads to significant reduction of pain and bleeding, and it is not scrubbing. This ensures a faster healing of about less than a week.There is no cracking on the tattoo, yet it has a patch or color. These tattoos retains its color very well and there is no fear, go in the sun. This type of tattoo is recommended for sensitive body parts such as the feet, which can not be carried out of tattoo machines.

 The Bamboo Tattoo Meaning

2) The Bamboo Tatto

The Bamboo Tattoo

3) Beautiful Bamboo

Beautiful Bamboo Tattoo

4) Fair Bamboo

 Pretty Bamboo Tattoo

5) Gorgeous Bamboo Design

 Beautiful Bamboo Tattoo Design

 Bamboo Tattoo

7) Large Bamboo

 Large Bamboo Tattoo

8) Bamboo Tattoo on leg

Bamboo tattoo on his leg

9) tattoo on back

 Bamboo tattoo on the back

10) Bamboo On the page

 Bamboo Tattoo On Side

11) Large bamboo design on back

 Large Bamboo tattoo on the back

12) tattoo on hand

 Bamboo tattoo on hand

 Bamboo Tattoo Design

Large Bamboo Tattoo Design

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