Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photo manipulations can bring you into the world of wild ideas with your photos and digital design tools. Your system with a design of the software and a few exciting photographs you can be the best seller of ideas in the digital manipulation world of ideas. Retouching of images with contrast / white balance and color adjustment allows you to create the world of photo manipulation new, a widely accepted art form.

Sourced, a fine collection of manipulated images here in this article, 12 Beautifully designed photo manipulation brings you the idea of ​​this trend techniques. Go through these pictures and let us know how this contribution.

Create a Surreal

2) Combine a crocodile and a Frog in Photoshop

Combine a crocodile and a frog in Photoshop

3) Photo manipulating a mysterious Steampunk Man Set in a Victorian setting

Photo manipulating a mysterious man in a steampunk Victorian setting

4) Create a Lone Ranger Photo Manipulation

Make a Lone Ranger Photo Manipulation

5) create" Surreal head stack " Photomanipulation


6) To create an awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop

7) Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

8) Ask a surreal scene, Loneliness, in Photoshop

A Surreal Loneliness scene in Photoshop

9) Share This incredible Surreal Photo Manipulation a dancer in Photoshop

Make this incredible surreal photo manipulation of a dancer in Photoshop

10) As to this" Into the Wild "Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How to create this

11) Create a post-apocalyptic Scene in Photoshop

Create a Post Apocalyptic scene in Photoshop

12) Coming Home Photomanipulation

 Coming Home Photomanipulation

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