Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Knuckle tattoos are special types of tattoos on his fingers, which applied to the finger used either two different four-letter words, or an eight-letter word, each letter. These tattoos are not permanent, like most people, said. Despite the temporary ankle tattoos are not popular due to its location that it is difficult to hide how she does applied to the fingers, which are always open.

The most common species widespread tattoos words are good girl, HARD CORE, fucking LOVE, GAME OVER and love or hate tattoos with different meanings. Love / Hate that. Robert Mitchum character in the film entitled The Night of the Hunter, whose name Reverend Harry Powell were popularized Most ankle tattoos jokes uses her knuckles to the drawings and pictures, the interesting meanings like having a four symbols of the group of playing cards, lucky meanings have meant, among other things.

Knuckle Tattoos give a stamp I love you 1

2) Real Lazy

Real Rotten 2

3) Knuckle Tattoo giving a blow

Knuckle Tattoos give a ram 3

 Sorry Mom 4

5) Yes Nee

 Ja Nee 5

6) Angry Birds

Angry Birds 6

7) Star Wars

Star Wars 7

8) Slim Fast

Dlim Fast 8

 Game Over 9

10) Taco

Taco 10

11) Barb Eque

 Barb Eque 11

12) Cats Meow

 Cats Meow 12

 Cute Knuckle Tattoos 13

14) Lady As

 Ladylike 14

15) Bird Geek

Bird Geek 15

 Knit Purl 16

17) Hard Luck

 Hard Luck 17

 Burritos 18

19) Cute Simples ankle tattoo

Cute Simples ankle tattoos 19

 Knuckle Tattoos giving a blow 20

21) Knuckle Easy Tattoo Design

 Knuckle Tattoo Simple Design 21

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