Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A graphic designer can create a design is complete without appropriate vector icons in force. A lot of vector icon websites are available online, allowing you to download and use the icon sets as PNG, SVG, PSD or EPS format. The entry into the ideal symbol is a high cost to the designer. Can be provided with all kinds of symbols to solve this to an extent.

Premium and free icons is available for download from websites. In this post we are sharing the most useful free icons for download without licensing issues.

Rounded contact icons Vector Pack

2) Professional avatars

 Professional avataras

3) Social media and Web Symbols

Social Media and Web rounded symbols

4) Colorful geometric logos

 Colorful geometric logo

5) Retro Photography Badge

 Retro Photography Badge

6) Free Vector

 Free Vector

7) Social media free vector

 Social Media Free Vector

8) Valentine's Day Card with a Flat heart

Valentine's Day Card with a flat heart

9) Various professional avatars

 Various professional Avatars

10) Social network background with icons

Social network background with icons

11) Retro Photography Badge

 Retro Photography Badge

12) All kinds of business speech

variety of business speech

13) Connection Icons Set

 Connection icons set

14) vector icons flat design

 vector icons flat design

15) number of low-rise

 Various flat houses

16) Professional Avatars Collection

 Professional Avatars Collection

17) phone icon set

 mobile phone icon set

18) number of people icons

 Different people icons

19) Heart made of musical instruments

 Heart made of musical instruments

20) Simple interface Arrows

 Simple interface Arrows

21) Cinema background

 Cinema background

22) Infographic elements pack

 Infographic elements

23) Various icons of sun

 Various sun icons

24) Social network concept

 Social network concept

25) Social Icons with long shadows Design

Social Icons with long shadow design

26) People avatars

 People avatars

27) variety of cute suns

 Variety of cute suns

28) Multimedia simple icons set

 Multimedia set simple symbols

29) Fruit Stickers

 Fruits Sticker

30) computer social networking -

 computer social networking

31) Airplane form

 Airplane form

32) Old Telephone

 Old Telephone

33) Animal Paw Print

 Animal Paw Print

34) handyman tools

 handyman tools

35) A finger

 One finger

36) Communication Bell

 Communication bell

37) cup of coffee

 cup of coffee

38) give money

 Give money

39) Thumbs Up

 Thumbs Up

40) Eye


41) Light Bulb

 Light Bulb

42) graduate hat

 Graduate Hat

43) Weight Balance

 weight balance

44), small trucks

 Small truck

45) Happy shopper with shopping jumping src="" srcset=" 298w, ' srcset=" ' srcset=" 150w, 300w, '

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