Friday, January 29, 2016

While coming into the world of Logos, a pond of ideas and most creative is mixed with high thinking process and talent. A well designed logo can reach the heart of the customer and the effects can be turned on in your business.

modern world is waiting with daily trends in technology and design. Animals, birds, fish, all coming at the subject of design. Here we present a couple of beautiful Whale Logo Design Examples.


2) Big Whale Files

 Big Whale Files

3) Bigfish


4) Happy Whale

 Happy Whale

5) Plastic Whale

 Plastic Whale

6) Deal Whale

 Deal Whale

7) Squared Eye Brand Development

 Squared Eye Brand Development

8) Whaley Logo

 Whaley Logo

9) Whale Family Chiropractic

 Whale Family Chiropractic

10) Apetipass


11) Little Whale

 Little Whale

12) Whale Toy


13) Whale Chat

 Whale Chat

14) Brand Whale

 Fire Whale

15) Coffee Whale

 Coffee Whale

16) Design La Baleine Logo

 Design La Baleine Logo

17) Whale Rocket

 Whale Rocket

18) Bigboy


19) Samsuock-ups

 Whale United

20) Flukywhale


21) Whaleye


22) Save Whales de

 Save de Whales

23) Blue Whale

 Blue Whale

24) Spoutink


25) Bigcolors


26) Big Ideas Studio Logo

 Big Ideas Studio Logo

27) Wal-Logo Design of calebwjones

Wal-logo design of calebwjones

28) Wal-Logo Design of devonmoodley

Wal-logo design of devonmoodley

29) Wal-Logo Design

 Wal-logo design

30) Wal-Logo Design of do

 Wal-logo design by

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