Thursday, January 14, 2016

wrist tattoo designs have become increasingly popular in recent years. This is due to the fact that wrist tattoos can be a statement everywhere you go to make due. A tattoo on the wrist is also an ideal way of presenting your personality.

Unlike tattoos. in areas which are less visible, as you placed your back or thigh, wrist tattoos you can appreciate every day your tattoo design Nevertheless, it is important that tattoo to choose a thoughtful design for your wrist and the right artist to execute the work.

Among the most popular wrist tattoo designs include lettering and words design, butterfly design, Bracelet Design, Birds Design, Star Design, Flower Design and Love Wrist tattoo design.

Small wrist tattoos are popular among people of both sexes and from all walks of life. If you have decided to have a wrist tattoo, choose the right wrist tattoo design because this tattoo is a crucial role in determining the impression that the people, when they shake your hand and when you wear your appearance jewelry to play.

Select this collection of 28 small wrist tattoo designs.

 Barcode Tattoo wrist 1

 Vampire bite on the wrist 2

 Bird Tattoo wrist 3

 Star Wrist Tattoo for Men 4

5) Love Tattoo

 Love Tattoo 5

6) Scary leaf tattoo

 Scary Leaf Tattoo 6

7) Cute tattoo

 Cute Tattoo7

 Map Tattoo 8

Scull Tattoo 9

 Wing tattoo 10

11) Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo 11

 Cross Tattoo 12

13) Twin Tattoo

 Twin Tattoo T13

14) Simple design tattoo

Simple Design Tattoo 14

 Colored Star Tattoo 15

16) Feather Tattoo

 Feather Tattoo 16

 Symbol Tattoo 17

 Animal Tattoo 18

19) Quirky Tattoo

Quirky Tattoo 19

 Crown Tattoo 20

21) Apple Tattoo

Apple Tattoo 21

22) Keyhole Tattoo

 Keyhole Tattoo 22

23) Butterflies tattoo

 Butterflies Tattoo 23

24) Small Wrist Tattoo

 Small Wrist Tattoo 24

 Heart Tattoo 25

26) Three Star -T├Ątowierung

 Three Star Tattoo 26

27) Belive Tattoo

Flower Tattoo 28

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