Saturday, January 16, 2016

The hummingbird is characterized by its energy, beauty and vivid colors. Many cultures saw this bird as a sign of prosperity, joy and love. It certainly carries a lot of powerful meanings throughout history. If you are looking to express yourself in the world with your body, this could be only the beautiful bird icon that you need. Are you energetic, loyal, playful, passionate and loving? If these characteristics fit your personality, then you should definitely take a look at a couple of hummingbird tattoos to pour out your soul.

There are many variations of hummingbird tattoos to choose. The bird alone is stunning by itself, but the available still breathless ideas, possibilities are endless. The designs are full of pale colors that characterize the energy of the Hummingbird. However, to imagine perfectly capable of what you want to be of this symbol of life and joy, it is a lot of time needed to invest in the design. The most common idea is to use the bird in flight or sipping nectar, but with a little inspiration and support, you can create the perfect icon to represent your core.

Little Hummingbird Tattoo Girl 1

2) Beautiful watercolo Hummingbird Tattoo

Beautiful watercolo hummingbird tattoo 2

3) Hummingbird Flower and Boots Thigh Tattoo

Hummingbird Flower and Boots Thigh Tattoo 3

4) Hummingbird and Flower Chest Tattoo

hummingbird and flower Chest Tattoo 4

5) Small hummingbird back tattoo

 Little Hummingbird back tattoo 5

 Hummingbird foot tattoo 6

Beautiful Hummingbird back tattoo for women 7

8) Watercolor Hummingbird back tattoo

Watercolor Hummingbird back tattoo 8

 Hummingbird forearm tattoo 9

3D Hummingbird Tattoo 10

11) Hummingbird and Flower Tattoo Girl

Hummingbird and Flower Tattoo Girl for 11

12) Hummingbird back tattoo

Hummingbird back tattoo 12

hummingbird and flower thigh tattoo 13

14) Colored Hummingbird thigh tattoos

Colored Hummingbird thigh Tattoos 14

 Hummingbird tattoo for girls 15

 Tattoos for Women Hummingbird 16

 Hummingbird tattoo on the wrist 17

Hummingbird forearm tattoo 18

 The bird and the Hibiscus 19

20) Small hummingbird tattoo finger

Little Hummingbird Tattoo finger 20

 Hummingbird on branch Tattoo 21

 Colored Hummingbird Tattoos 22

23) Hummingbird quarter sleeve Tattoos

Flowers with hummingbird tattoo 24

Watercolor Hummingbird tattoo pages 25

Watercolor Hummingbird tattoo sleeve 26

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