Monday, January 25, 2016

A photograph with certain places colorful rest of the courses in black and white, a technique used in the photograph already taken, to make it certain dyeing techniques called selective. Photoshop and other advanced image editing tools help to do these color photography.

In this article we have shared a collection of impressive Selective Color Photography examples. If you picture editor are often this can help you a lot more ideas.

Blue High Key

2) Patrick Donati

 Patrick Donati

3) Ashley Lourey

 Ashley Lourey

4) From Shawn E

 Shawn E

5) Santa Barbara

 Santa Barbara

6) Metamorphosis


) thoughts about the depths of God

 Pondering the depths of God

8) tips


9) Color Photography


10) Sausalito fog

 Sausalito Fog

11) Boo!


12) Tony Bianchi

 Tony Bianchi

13) Read Market

 Go To Market

14) Purple Hazed

 Purple Hazed

15) pencil rainbow

 pencil rainbow

16) Catherine Barnes

 Catherine Barnes

17) that pink feeling

 pink feeling that

18) Containment


19) London in red

 London in red

20) 1956 Chevy Langheck

 1956 Chevy Langheck

21) Rainbow Sprinkle lips

 Rainbow Sprinkle Lips

22) pussy Blue Eyes

 Pussy Blue Eyes

23) Tanner Perez

 Tanner Perez

24) on the yellow roads

 on the yellow road

25) Autumn Leaf

 Autumn Leaf

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