Monday, January 18, 2016

If you're a WordPress developer, you must know how important the many types of widget plugins, which can give a different look to the side bars, menus and content with speed dial numbers. Without using much more complicated code, it is easy to find a place to build rich of features with widget plugins. Often, the ideal subjects a widget locations fixed type in sidebars and footers. Using additional plugins a user can easily change the look and feel of the site.

Here, a list of awesome WordPress widget plugins that you can look at while you are developing a WordPress website or blog sleeping. These are some of the most used and best plug-ins to add additional widgets.

Sidebar & amp; Widget manager for WordPress

2) widget Ninja

 Widget Ninja

3) Custom Widget Areas for WordPress

Custom Widget Areas for WordPress

4) Advanced Text Widget Pro

 Advanced Text Widget Pro

5) Black Studio TinyMCE widget

 Black Studio TinyMCE widget

6) Custom Post Widget

 Custom Post Widget

7) Testimonials Widget

 Testimonials widget

8) Navigation Menu widget

 navigation menu widget

9) My Social counter for wordpress

 My Social Counter for WordPress

10) Advanced Categories Widget

 Advanced Categories widget

11) Hello tabs WordPress widget

 Hello tabs WordPress widget

12) WP Category Small List widget

 WP Category Small list widget

13) Advanced connections Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

Advanced connections Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

14) Tabs Widget for WordPress

 Tabs Widget for WordPress

15) Advanced Post List

 Advanced Entry list

16) 5sec Content Scroller widget

 5sec Content Scroller widget

17) Advanced Tags Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

Extended Tags Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

18) WP - Recent Comments Options

 WP - Recent Comments Options

19) Short Exec PHP

 Short Exec PHP

20) HTML Javascript Adder

 HTML Javascript Adder

21) Author Avatar List

 Author Avatar List

22) authors widget - WordPress Premium - Plugin

Authors Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

23) Display Widgets

 display widgets

24) Dynamic Widgets

 Dynamic Widgets

25) Image Widget

 image widget

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