Sunday, January 17, 2016

Animal logos can always a funny side as well as the power of imagination. Each Logo designers need some favorite animals for their design inspiration, such as the mouse have, cat, etc. If you look back, you can find many top brands could own animal logos are their brand identity.

Every animal has its own individuality and a number of important functions, while designing an animal logo, you should know such features. Find out some of the best animal logos here in this post as an inspiration to make your logo designs.

Equine National Sports Committee Logo

2) Vision Talent Agency Logo

 Vision Talent Agency Logo

3) Castle Horn Home Security Logo

 Lock Horn Home Security Logo

4) Bison House Movers Logo

 Bison House Movers Logo

5) Red Panda

 Red Panda

6) Purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier Logo Badge

breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier logo badge

7) Panda


8) Shepherd quality clothes Logo

 Shepherd quality clothing Logo

9) Antler Society Logo

 Antler Society Logo

10) Golden premium dairy products Logo

Golden premium dairy products Logo

11) HIDE 1858

 HIDE 1858

12) Foxerious


13) Buffalo


14) White Shadow

 White Shadow

15) Balloon Elephantine

 Balloon Elephantine

16) Saber Technologies

 Saber Technologies

17) Jockey


18) Tranquility Camp

 Tranquility Camp

19) Bearly


20) Doggy


21) GoodGopher


22) Flame Lion Head Logo For sale

 Flame Lion Head Logo For Sale

23) Rabbit


24) Rhinoceros


25) Fox Star

 Fox Star

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