Saturday, January 16, 2016

Choosing the best symbols are the majority of all web projects. You may need different types of symbols to commplete your web designs. Different types of design must different symbols.

Here is a contribution to Amazing Free Icons sets -2015 that you choose and implement to be able to use in your designs.

Shoes and Clothes Free Icon Set 1

2) 12 Free Objects Icons

 12 Free Objects Icons 2

3) Barker Icon Set Free

 Barker Icon Set 3 Free

4) Free Icon Set

 Free Icon Set 4

5) aircons

 aircons 5

6) Free Medical and Science Icons

 Free Medical and Science Icons 6

7) Organic Food Icon Set

 Organic Food Icon Set 7

8) Travel and Holidays Icon Set

 Travel and Holiday Icon Set 8

9) Free Vector Icons Line

 Free Vector Icons Line 9

10) Major sites Icon Set

 Major sites Icon Set 10

11) Swift Icons Set

 Swift Icons Set 11

12) Payment options Icons

 Payment Options Icons 12

13) Free Icon Set icons & amp; Web

 Free Icon Set Icons & amp; Web 13

14) free home Pet Icons Set

 Free Flat Dog Icons Set 14

15) and Hope Rises Icons

 Hope and Rise Icons 15

16) Captain Icon Sketchapp

 Captain Icon Sketchapp 16

17) Free Line

 Free Line 17

18) Free E-Commerce -Icons

 Free E Commerce Icons 18

19) Credit Card Web Icons

 Credit Card Web Icons 19

20) Clothes icons

 Clothing Icons 20

21) web icons for commercial use

 Web icons for commercial use 21

22) Icons Long Shadow

 Icons Long Shadow 22

23) Icon Set for UXPin

 Icon Set for UXPin 23

24) Free Space icons

 Free Space Icons 24

25) Inge Icons

 Inge Icons 25

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