Monday, January 11, 2016

You do not love sweets? There is no difference between adults and children in this matter, that's for sure. The amazing combinations of colors and sweet makes it dear to all categories of life. As you know, that we would like to buy sweets, which have a most attractive appearance and vivid colors. Most of the implementation candy brands should have used this marketing technique to increase selling sweets.

Here in this article we will look at you some of the most beautiful, inspiring and creative candy packaging designs that will inspire you in any case, you make the best designs your own. The packaging is a technique used in creative branding of products, especially beautiful candy packs are to obtain the most concentration of its real users, children.


2) M & amp; M

 M & amp; amp; M

3) Sugarpova


4) ChocoMaker® Celebration

 ChocoMaker® Celebration

5) Fruit Drops

 Fruit Drops

6) Allsorts


7) Nestle confectionery - Design concepts

Nestle confectionery - Design concepts

8) Sugar Smack

 Sugar Smack

9) Jelly Belly projects

 Jelly Belly Projects

10) Gorilokas & amp; Hipolokas

 Gorilokas & amp; Hipolokas

11) Candy Craft branding

 Candy Craft branding

12) Peach Ring Packing

 Peach Ring packaging

13) Scrapblog


14) Candy Circus

 Candy Circus

15) Lifeboats from burning Vicki Turner.

Lifeboats from burning Vicki Turner.

16), M & M-Packaging from Christina Bull

M & amp; amp; M Packaging from Christina Bull

17) Happy Pills by Marion Donneweg.

 Happy Pills by Marion Donneweg.

18) of Arctic Candy New

 Arctic Candy with new ones.

19) httplovelypackage.comcandy - King


20) Sofie's søtsaker of Karine Kimo Pedersen

Sofie's søtsaker of Karine Pedersen Kimo

21) the sweet taste of Brand Success

The sweet taste of Brand Success

22) Yumbers of Blanka Květoňová

 Yumbers of Blanka Květoňová

23) Jelly holic

 Jelly holic

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