Monday, January 25, 2016

A logo speak a thousand words, through powerful design and creative thinking. A logo is a trademark and it is a business strategy to reach your customers, as we described in our previous posts. A logo can give a corporate identity or it's product branding. Should keep the thing in mind while you are designing a logo is that your customer or a stranger should remember and remind the design, when they need it.

You might find some of the best creative logo designs in this post. You can see some of them, if you do find a unique logo for a brand and identity.

 Fox Logo animal by Simone Aiosa 1

2) of Atrium Bold Flower Design Studio

Atrium of Bold Flower Design Studio 2

3) Eagle Sword Surfboards by Brian Steely

Eagle Sword surfboards by Brian Steely 3

4) of Owlie Mateusz Urba czyk

 Owlie Mateusz Urba czyk 4

5) of GoToMyLunch Kevin Burr

 GoToMyLunch Kevin Burr 5

6) Bird by George Bokhua

 Bird Of Pray by George Bokhua 6

7) Digital artisans by Jord Riekwel

Digital artisans of Jord Riekwel 7

8) of FVION Zhang Yiking

 FVION of Zhang Yiking 8

9) Greelane Writer of Bratus

 Greelane Writer of Bratus 9

10) Lydia from Paulius Kairevicius

 Lydia Paulius Kairevicius 10

11) Bundle of Jord Riekwel

 Bundle of Jord Riekwel 11

12) FlagSide FS monogram of simc

13) Smart Pot identity by Ben Negrete

Smart Pot identity of Ben Negrete 13

14) of Kinfolk Brian Steely

 Kinfolk by Brian Steely 14

15) Introducing Kevin Burr

 Introducing Kevin Burr 15

16) Love Pill by Dalius Stuoka

 Love Pill from Dalius Stuoka 16

17) Maker of Central Mateusz Urbanczyk

Central Maker Mateusz Urbanczyk 17

18) of Meowbox Meg Robichaud

 Meowbox of Meg Robichaud 18

19) Millder Venture Partners Logo of Idan Arbesman

Millder Venture Partners Logo of Idan Arbesman 19

20) of Caffebello Mattia Michini

 Caffebello Mattia Michini 20

21) Science Studio Brian Pennington

Studio Science by Brian Pennington 21

22) Wisdom Owl by Mister shot

 Wisdom Owl by Mister shot 22

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