Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Everyone knows flat web design is the trend in the web designs. The reason for this is the simplicity could be achieved by this design on a website. As a rule, as its name indicates flat design avoids unnecessary gradient effects, shadows and textures from his design, whereby the very simple and appealing look to the site to avoid complex structures.

Here in this article we provide a few examples of the perfect flat web design, which would be an inspiration for your design and development of a flat site.

 Vitrines sur la Releve 1

Buffalo 2

United Workers pixels 3

Oak.is 4

Dream reaching the first 50 years of Bose 5

Crafting Type 6

Etch 7

Alan Horne 8

float 9

Surpris.es 10

Super Eight Studio 11

Leen Heyne Fine Jewelry 12

Fhoke 13

Fitbit 14

Future Insights Live 15

Christmas with joy 16

Thibault Jorge 22

True 18


Wide Eye Creative 20

Diagnosite 21

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