Thursday, January 21, 2016

For each type of site management, an admin template is mandatory to take to give the proper updates. There are different types of admin templates are available, such as bootstrap templates with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, etc.

Here we share a contribution to Best Responsive Admin templates for angle JS. Take a look.

Metronic Responsive Admin Dashboard Template 1

2) Angulr Bootstrap Admin web app with angularjs

Angulr Bootstrap Admin web app with angularjs 2

3) Triangular Material Design Admin Assist

Triangular Material Design Admin Template 3

4) Avenxo Responsive angularjs

 Avenxo Responsive angularjs 4

5) Piluku Bootstrap Admin angularjs

 Piluku Bootstrap Admin angularjs 5

6) Maverick Responsive Admin with angularjs

Maverick Responsive Admin angularjs with 6

7) materialism Angular bootstrap admin template

materialism Angular Bootstrap Admin Template 7

8) Materia Responsive Admin template

Materia Responsive Admin Assist 8

9) Materil Angular Material Design

 Materil Angular Material Design 9

10) Minovate Angular Admin Dashboard

Minovate Angular Admin Dashboard 10

11) ThemeKit Angular HTML Bootstrap

 ThemeKit Angular HTML Bootstrap 11

12) xenon Bootstrap Admin Theme with angularjs

Xenon Bootstrap Admin Theme with angularjs 12

13) Square Responsive Admin app

 Place Responsive Admin App 13

14) Forza Fully functional app with angularjs Admin

Forza Fully equipped Admin app with angularjs 14

15) Singular Bootstrap Admin Theme

 Singular Bootstrap Admin Theme 15

16) Admin box angularjs Admin Topic

 Admin Box angularjs Admin Theme 16

17) clip Two Bootstrap Admin Template

Clip Two Bootstrap Admin Template 17

18) Rainbow Responsive Admin app with angularjs

Rainbow Responsive Admin app with angularjs 18

19) madmin Multi Style angularjs

 madmin Multistyle angularjs 19

20) Make Admin template

 Make Admin Assist 20

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